Companion Care Services in Martinsburg, WV

When an elderly loved one lives alone, family members often worry about their safety, their physical health, and their emotional well-being — all of which can be put at risk by elderly isolation. At Preferred HealthStaff, we offer companion care services for the elderly in Martinsburg, WV to help manage the effects of elderly isolation. Our companion care services provide local seniors with company, conversation, and support from compassionate caregivers. We give family members peace of mind and enrich the lives of isolated seniors in the Martinsburg area.

Companion Services for the Elderly

Elderly isolation is one of the most pressing concerns facing seniors today, but many people underestimate the impact of isolation on seniors. Researchers have found that elderly isolation is not only damaging to seniors’ emotional health, but also to seniors’ physical well-being. In fact, one study found that elderly isolation has roughly the same effect on life expectancy as smoking. Companion care services can help seniors in the Martinsburg area maintain their emotional and physical well-being in the face of isolation. By providing seniors with regular, one-on-one conversation and companionship, our caregivers help limit feelings of loneliness and depression that many seniors experience when living alone. Relieving these feelings improves overall well-being and puts seniors at lower risk for self-neglect, helping seniors stay healthier longer. Companion services for the elderly also improve the safety and security of seniors who live alone. Thieves and door-to-door fraudsters are less likely to target seniors when they are with someone else. In cases of phone fraud and internet fraud, caregivers can help seniors identify when a phone call, message, ad, or email is likely fraudulent. A care companion can also act as a partner for card games, walks, hobbies, and other activities. This can be especially valuable for seniors who find favorite activities more difficult than they used to be. Enjoying these activities can be easier with a caregiver’s helping hand.

Martinsburg’s Companion Care Providers

Preferred HealthStaff offers companion care services throughout Martinsburg and its surrounding communities. We make it easy to get started and learn about your care options. To do this, we offer no-cost, no-obligation care assessments in the comfort of seniors’ homes. We will take the time to get to know your loved one — their personality, their personal preferences, their day-to-day routine — and build a care plan tailored specifically around their care needs. Learn more about our companion care services in the Martinsburg area by calling Preferred HealthStaff at (304) 262-9500 today.